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tv   The Early Show  CBS  August 21, 2009 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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hurricane bill is barrelling towards bermuda and the east coast. expect it to whip up dangerous waves over the weekend. we'll bring you the latest storm track. breaking news this morning. the most dire h1n1 warning yet as health officials say an explosion of case ss expected. we'll tell you what they fear will happen and when. the man convicted of blowing up pan am flight 103 that killed 189 americans gets a hero's welcome in libya, much to the outrage of those left behind. >> passionate release is the most ludicrous statement i've heard in 20 years. >> we'll speak with a mother who lost her only child in the bombing. and the internet's latest sensation is here. ♪
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we'll meet him and dance along "early" this friday morning, august 21st, twip. captioning funded by cbs good friday morning, everyone. we are waking up here on the eastern seaboard with the waves crashing courtesy of hurricane bill. as always, that brings out the surfers. we're going to have the forecast track for you ahead this morning. happy friday, everybody. hopefully, it won't be too bad for the united states. we're going to check in with dave price in a bit. >> happy friday. >> happy friday indeed. i'm maggie rodriguez with jeff glor. president obama guaranteed that healthcare reform will pass. there's a warning that dick morris wants you to hear. you remember he's a republican strategist who famously advised bill clinton after his defeat on healthcare. he has a new book out, and we'll speak with you in just a moment.
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we've been following this case of a missing georgia mother who went missing while she was talking on her cell phone. there is an update this morning. police are calling off one part of that search. we'll be speaking with her boyfriend and best friend very soon. but first, bermudaould feel strong winds from hurricane bill within a day or so, and the storm might bring some danger to the u.s. east coast. our own dave price has been tracking this storm all along. he joins us now this morning. good morning, dave. >> we're watching it. that danger to the east coast is not going to be what you might think. it's most likely going to be in the form of rip tides and rough surf. let's talk about what's going on. this morning bill remains a powerful category 3 hurricane, expected to send that dangerous surf and that life-threatening rip tide activity right along the eastern seaboard all the way through the carolinas through new england. bill's a massive storm right now, some 500 miles across, located 450 miles to the south of bermuda, where a tropical storm warn sg in effect right now with maximum sustained winds of 115 miles per hour or so and
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higher gusts. it's expected to strengthen later today. how much strengthening it's going to have before it begins to disintegrate is still at issue. the core of this storm expected to pass between bermuda and the east coast of the united states tomorrow though it's expected to stay far enough off the east coast as it moves off to only provide that danger with respect to right along the coastline and those issues we talked about atwater's edge. so we're talking about large waves, 10 to 15 feet, and those dangerous rip tides once again. we'll talk more about the rest of the weather picture in just a couple of minutes. maggie, right now back to you. president obama has gone on the offensive in his campaign for healthcare reform after weeks of playing defense. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has the latest this morning. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. the president took his case to the liberal grass roots activists who helped to get him elected and are now very worried about conflicting statements from the administration on
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healthcare reform. >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> reporter: the president took his case to the liberal grass roots activists who helped him get elect. >> we don't know yet whether we've got any republican support. >> reporter: and if there is no republican support, top democrats are repairing for a go it alone approach. this would include splitting healthcare reform into two parts. into one bill would go reforms as to which there is bipartisan agreement, such as keeping health insurance portable and forcing companies to take customers despite preexisting conditions. the second bill, which democrats could pass with a simple majority and no republicans votes would include expensive and more controversial changes such as the public insurance option, which many democrats consider non-negotiable. >> there's no way i can pass a bill in the house of representatives without a public option. >> reporter: there's no way any bill out of the senate will include the public option. this bill will heat up. meanwhile, the president takes off for camp david and martha's vineyard today, and you can look
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for this to continue when he and the legislators in congress come back from their vacations next month. maggie? >> cbs' bill plante. thank you, bill. dick morris is a political commentator and former strategist for bill clinton. he is also the author of a new book, "how obama, congress, and the special interests are transforming a slump into a crash, freedom into socialism, and a daster into a catastrophe." good morning. the title.rning is not part of but how to fight back at the bottom is. >> this title, though, mr. morris, can you see a lot of people dismissing it right off the bat as alarmist? it screams at you. >> 9.5% unemployment, four quarters of negative growth, our car companies in receivership, our healthcare program about to be taken over and banks being nationalized, and i'm alarmist? >> not so long ago, it was on the cover of every magazine, the topic of every cable show and mo> show that we were kind of digging out of the recession. we saw three straight months of rising home sales, stock market
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up more than 20% since march, ford beat expectations. doesn't that count? >> consumer demand, which is three-quarters of our economy, has actually tended down, and i believe what's going to happen is a "w." we went down. we're going up a little bit. and then i think we're going to go down again before we can up. >> why do you think that? >> i think that second "w" because of this huge budget deficit that obama has created. i mean, literally -- i used to work for bill clinton. and bill clinton's approach to solving the crisis was to balance the budget and eliminate the deficit and lower interest rates. what obama's done is to almost double the deficit. when he took office, federal spending was $3 trillion. now it's $4 trillion. that's in seven months. i think that this deficit is going to drive up interest ra going to kindle inflation, and force the fed to induce a second recession just like we had in '81 and '82. that's what i call the catastrop catastrophe.
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>> i'm curious what you think about his healthcare plan. i think you're not for it. >> no, i'm not for it. i'm in favor of covering everyone, but the way to do that is expand the number of doctors and the number of nurses. expand the supply before you expand the demand. how is obama going to cover 50 million new people without any more doctors or nurses? the answer is he is not. what that's going to mean is rationing, which primarily means that the elderly don't get the medical care they get now. and i take this personally. my dad's 99, and he's doing fine. but i can understand the rationale that says, well, he's 99 and so on and so on. >> he still deserves it. >> there's months and years there that are precious to me. >> this guaranteed it would not only pass but pass without increasing costs and not increase the federal deficit. >> how is he going to cut $200 billion from medicare without cutting medicare? >> he said it. i remember back in july, i looked back at my notes, he said
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it would not affect medicare benefits. >> he's cutting medicare by $200 billion. what he's saying is i'm going to cut reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals. if you cut reimbursement rates to doctors, you get shorter office visits and fewer office visits. if you cut them for mris, you get fewer mris. what this is ultimately going to lead to is fewer and fewer doctors, because their income is being cut, more and more patients because the coverage is being expanded. then you say, okay, who's not going to get the medical care here? it's the elderly because they're the ones, quote, unquote, not fully entitled to it. they don't benefit as much as a younger person. i think this is a catastrophe. >> maybe he can compromise with the republicans, as you encouraged bill clinton to do. >> i don't think compromise is on the agenda. bill clinton, i wish we had his economic policies back now instead of these. >> that from a republican. dick morris, appreciate it. now let's check in with russ mitchell at the news desk. good morning, russ. the cash for clunkers auto
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rebate program is headed for the scrap heap. you've got the weekend to take advantage of the popular government plan that offers up to $4,500 if you trade in your old vehicle for a new, more fuel-efficient model. as the program winds down, some auto dealers complain government reimbursement for the rebate ss slow in coming. not to worry says transportation secretary ray lahood. >> they're going to get their money. we have the money. congress provided the money. they're going to get their money. >> the program ends at 8:00 p.m. monday eastern time. former homeland security chief tom ridge says just before the 2004 election he came under political pressure to boost the nation's terror threat level. in a book called "test of our times" ridge says then defense secretary donald rumsfeld and attorney general john ashcroft pressed him to raise the threat level. ridge says he refused and later resigned. presidential results from afghanistan's presidential election could come as early as tomorrow. both president hamid karzai and his chief rival abdullah
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abdullah claimed victory this morning. pakistani intelligence officials say at least a dozen people were killed this morning by a missile strike from a suspected u.s. drone. the target in the northeast corner of the afghan border was the home of a senior taliban leader. and a naked passenger made for some tense moments during a flight from oakland to st. louis. darius chappelle stripped off his clothes, allegedly hit a woman passenger, and fought with the crew before being subdued yesterday. >> they trained these men. they had a quick ten-minute training session on restraint and using the cord restraint. so they seated all of them and moved any other kind of less trained passengers to other seats so that he was sort of surrounded by people in case he got more belligerent. >> the southwest plane turned back to oakland, where the man was arrested. it is now 7:10 on a friday morning. dave price is here with our first check of the weather. >> good morning to you, russ. good morning, everyone. we spoke at the top about
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hurricane bill. let's talk about the rest of the country. this is really graphically a little bit confusing because it's not raining top to bottom along the eastern seaboard and to the gulf states. what this is indicative of is the fact that we could see advancing thunder showers through the day and some heavier rain as we head into this evening. this is a slow-moving cold front. the good news about it is it's acting as a blocking force, kind of preventing bill from coming any closer or much closer to the eastern seaboard. that's a good thing. we'll have that rough surf. we'll have those high tides. but as far as the major damage from a hurricane, not going to happen. this thing is not going to come to the u.s. shores. as far as the upper midwest goes, we see cool temperatures. temperatures dropping out in the -- actually topping off in the low 60s, much cooler than normal, kind of cold and gray there. from the plains all the way to the west coast things looking really nice for the most part. warm in the southwest, and we're cooling off in the pacific
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>> some showers in portions of new mexico and texas today. high heat yesterday in boise. you'll see a little relief today. quick look at your weather picture, folks. >> dave, thank you very much. coming up this morning, we do have developing news as health officials are warning of a "oncoming explosion" of h1n1 cases. we'll tell you when that might happen. also a day after the man who bombed pan am flight 103 goes free, we'll talk to the mother of one of the victims.
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the world health organization is out with an ominous warning this morning saying the number of h1n1 cases will explode. one official warns that most countries could see their number of cases double every three to four days for several months. and doctors are warning governments to step up their preparations. our own dr. jennifer ashton is here with details. boy, you don't have a lot of good news today. what prompted who to make such an ominous statement? >> remember, maggie, they're tracking the number of cases and the activity of the h1n1 virus globally. and even though we've stopped counting worldwide because, again, they're shifting their resources from diagnosis over to
7:17 am
prevention and treatment, they are looking at some upticks in the southern hemisphere which is coming out of their winter season. again, they're watching something that's occurring over the map. and based on computer programs, they are seeing us probably on the near side of the peak. so, again, they're expecting more to come. >> so what does this mean for me? does this change the way we should prepare? >> it's important not to panic. again, in medicine, we always have to prepare for a worst case scenario and hope for the best. i think we need to recognize that as global organizations are making these recommendations, as individuals, we need to get all of our ducks in a row as well. meaning make sure you have two week supply of food and water. start to make plans for both work, school, and even healthcare services if you get sick. remember, it's probably going to be mild individually, but globally we could see a significant impact. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you. let's go over to jeff glor. >> maggie, thank you very much. there is outrage in both the u.s. and britain today after the man who was convicted of the
7:18 am
bombing of pan am flight 103 has been released. scottish authorities released abdel baset al megrahi because he has terminal cancer, but it's the hero's welcome that he received after landing in libya that has added salt to the wound of the families of the 270 people he killed. joining us from cape may, new jersey, this morning is susan cohen, who's 20-year-old daughter theodora was among the victims. mrs. cohen, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> susan, as you're watching this video yesterday of al megrahi descending the steps of this plane as he's being cheered on, as people are next to him with their fists raised in the air, what were you thinking? >> i was furious, and i was sick. this whole thing, this whole release is absolutely appalling. it's a shameful, shameful thing. it's really just part of a process of appeasing gadhafi. his oil -- the oil interests have been eager to give gadhafi
7:19 am
what he wants. the governments of the west are following through and doing this. gadhafi has always wanted to get megrahi out. it erases pan am 103. it erases lockerbie. now there's no one even in prison for the crime. when gadhafi rolls into new york at the end of september to address the u.n., he will roll in in triumph because, in a way, he's succeeding in making this horrible thing that destroyed my life go away. >> when the president speaks out, president obama, and says, this was a mistake, is that any consolation for you? >> well, i think that's a rather soft word for it. i've tried for a very long time, as have other families, to get the government to take this seriously. you know, this has been in the air for a long time. this man may not even have as particularly serious a case of cancer as they say. the medical reports on him are mixed. though to me it doesn't matter. he is a terrorist. he was found guilty of mass
7:20 am
murder, and you let a mass murderer out in just a few years. it's amazing. i think obama should have done a lot more. i've tried very hard to get him to meet with us, to meet him to give us condolences on the 20th anniversary last year on december 21st. i haven't gotten anywhere. and bush and cheney were absolutely appalling. bush went on television, didn't even mention pan am 103 when he was getting -- making up with libya, said we had had differences with the libyan leader. there has been a lot of appeasement in the west of gadhafi for that oil. >> susan, theodora would be 41 years old today. can you tell us a little bit about her. >> on september 10th, she would be. she was a syracuse voice and drama student, had a beautiful soprano voice, and she was studying on the study abroad program at syracuse. there were a whole planeful of young people. there were 35 syracuse students. there was a family with little girls. they were all coming back for the holidays.
7:21 am
it's simply sickening and heartbreaking that gadhafi sent someone to deliberately blow up an american plane and nothing, nothing was ever really done about it. nothing was ever really done to gadhafi. it never should have been allowed. it never should have been tolerated. there should have been some sort of military response. it was awful. >> all right. susan cohen. our thoughts are with you and your family this morning. thank you so much for spending some time with us. >> thank you for having me on. >> we'll be right back. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mastercard. there are some things money can't buy. for everything else, there's mastercard. (announcer) one pair of pleated slacks: i don't think so a pair of capri pants: never in a million years one pair of khaki shorts:
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. hello again. 25 minutes past 7:00. joy has traffic after marty's first warning doppler radar weather. we still see shower activity slowly but surely pressing in an easterly direction, kind of riding southwest to northeast. we came on the air this morning there was no rain. but let'slike at the forecast. we'll keep a chance in the outlook clearly this afternoon. we may have to watch for a heavy thunderstorm or two. it's about 81 right now. and now over to joy and the wjz traffic control. not too bad. it's a happy friday. at east ordinance road and
7:26 am
middle river and the white marsh vehicle, okay. a stalled vehicle if you're heading to the beach at ocean city early. not a delay to be found and looking great on the outer loop. this report is brought to you by the maryland department agriculture. more than a dozen people collapsed on a high school practice field. and now they're trying to figure out exactly what happened there. mary bubala is live on the story. >> reporter: it happened at kent island high school. the varsity football players and the coaches were treated for heat related injuries. but at this point they're not exactly sure what it was. but the any number of illnesses fosters another fear. an emergency medical team started checking for the possibility that those that felt sick were exposed to a hazardous material or other chemicals. they had been on the field in less than an hour in the
7:27 am
sweltering conditions. but the conditions were consistent with heat execution. no one was -- exhaustion. no one was seriously injured. a 76-year-old man severely beaten is back home and the police are questioning two team that they believe took part in the assault along with calvin lockner. the head of the baltimore county republican party wants state lawmakers to look no john cardin violated state ethic guidelines. he asked the help of the police for an elaborate marriage proposal. thousands gathered last night as baltimore magazine celebrated the best of baltimore issue. our news team -- several of
7:28 am
our news team were honored. stay with wjz 13. up next, the police say they're stopping
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7:30 am
it's a friday kind of feel out there on the plaza. tgif. >> you like fridays. >> i know. does anybody not? >> good question. >> i guess maybe people who work weekends. welcome back to "the early show." >> thank you very much. >> am i right? >> thanks for remembering. yes. it's all right. it's my thursday. coming up here, hurricane bill may look like it's far away. but don't be fooled. it might still be dangerous because high waves and rip tides. dave price is going to be along with much more on what to look out for this weekend. also ahead, it's the hit movie that no one expected. we'll take you inside "district 9." you probably heard some buzz about this.
7:31 am
it's the sleeper hit of the summer. it's got action, aliens, and a much larger message. officials in georgia have now ended their ground search for kristi cornwell, who was abducted ten days ago while talking on her cell phone. cornwell's loved ones are desperate to bring her home. kristi cornwell was last seen on august 11th walking along these winding roads in blairsville, police say the 38-year-old was on the phone with her boyfriend at the time. he heard a struggle and then the words "don't take me." police located cornwell's cell phone three miles from where they believe she was abducted. yesterday ground and air searches were called off. >> until we find credible information that will point us in a direction, we need to suspend that and be prepared to bring those people back when that information develops. >> reporter: investigators say they followed up on over 1,000 leads but still have no suspects. cornwell's boyfriend has been
7:32 am
ruled out. >> it's the worst nightmare of our lives not knowing where your child is. >> joining me right here in studio, kristi's boyfriend douglas davis, the last person to speak with her. also, kristi's best friend is with us, melissa camp. she's in blairsville, georgia. >> good morning. >> let me begin with you, douglas. do you keep playing that last phone call back over and over in your mind? >> you know, it is the most horrific thing that i ever have. it won't go away. i don't want it too, but yet it's so painful to know that the one you love, someone that you've grown to be so fond of, in so short a period of time. >> you've been dating six weeks? >> yeah, something like that. but it seemed like a lifetime. every day was full of joy and full of our relationship. and just that brief moment that it's just snatched away from you. it sends a message to loud that we have just the day, just the moment. and we need to live it fully as kristi did. >> i can't imagine being on your
7:33 am
end of that phone call, certainly not on hers, but being in such a helpless position as yours. what details can you share with us about that phone call? >> well, we had been talking about plans for the upcoming week. she was frustrated with her school where she was going to. they had lost her application for fall semester, and she was having to go back to deal with that. we were just talking about all those events. then she turned a positive out of it. well, we can have dinner on thursday night. i said, way cool. that's good. i'll make it my plan. and then she -- there was a car coming. you know, hang on just a minute. and then all of these things began to take place. i made a commitment to her just two days earlier. >> what do you mean all of these things? >> the abduction began. >> it was clear to you what was going on? >> her first sounds made that very clear to me. it was unmistakable what i was hearing going on. >> what were her first sounds? >> she was screaming.
7:34 am
and you knew immediately what was happening. i was helpless. i made a commitment to her just a few days earlier that i would protect her with my life, and yet right then there was nothing. i was 2 1/2 hours away, might have been a million miles away. >> oh, my goodness. >> i couldn't go -- you know, you want to. you want to do something. i was just frantic, trying to find the solution, and yet there was none. >> let me bring in melissa. melissa, when i think about kristi, i don't know her, but the first thing that always pops in my mind is she's a mother. is she very close with her son? >> close as any mother could be. >> what does she mean to you? >> the person that you want to call first when anything good or bad happens in your life. we just had a closeness that i
7:35 am
prayed for moving to blairsville. i was just so thankful to have her as a friend. >> now that they've called off the search, is there a part of you that's preparing for the worst? >> no. no. i'll never give up hope. >> douglas? you're clinging to this, the bible. you seem to be praying as melissa's talking. you're hopeful too? >> absolutely. she's a giver, and she reached out to me days after her abduction with this beautiful book from "my utmost for his highest" from oswald chambers. i get to know every day when i read my devotion in this book, i know that she first read it. she wanted it to help me with my ministry and my life. it's a blessing to know that someone that you meet was more
7:36 am
concerned about you than they were herself. kristi is the type of woman that cares about herself more than anybody, and she'll be right now worried more about melissa and about me than she would herself. that's who kristi is. >> melissa, let me give you the last word. what would you like to say to the people who are with kristi right now? >> just begging, pleading, whatever it takes. if it's money, we'll get it. we just desperately need her back. her son, her family. she has so many people that loves her. if you've loved anybody in your life, please have mercy on her. kristi, we love you. you know that. we know god is taking care of you.
7:37 am
we just plead with everything that we are and have that we can have her back. >> melissa, douglas, we join in your prayers for her safe return. we thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, maggie. >> you're welcome. we'll be right back. ♪ daisy, daisy sour cream ♪ fresh and tasty naturally ♪ so, do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪ ♪ do a dollop, do, do a dollop of daisy ♪
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welcome back, everyone. a very busy weather weekend on the way. >> let's check in with dave with another look at the weather. good morning. >> we have this update for you. tropical storm force winds extend about 250 miles or so from hurricane bill's center. keep in mind, though, there's a little less organization right now. some weakening possible as we head through the rest of the day. p p p in the meantime, though, really sloppy weather courtesy of a cold front, which is going to be working its way towards the eastern seaboard. combine that with rough surf and sloppy, sloppy weather, coastal erosion, and it is not going to be a pretty 48 hours along much of the eastern seaboard. two to four inches of rain tonight into saturday with rticularly heavy downpours rolling through sections of the northeast and new england. and rain, one to two inches
7:41 am
stretching up and down the eastern seaboard, and indeed back to some of the gulf states. now, if we go to the central plains, the plains, and push all the way west, it's really relatively uneventful. finally, we're seeing a cooldown u courtesy of a cold front and air moving through the northwest. good morning. here's first warning doppler radar. and what is going on is shower activity, slowly pressing east. we've been watching the moisture moving from the west to the east. and now it's starting to cut through the metro. we have a shower northern of frederick. take a look at the forecast for the day. we're talking about is just a gray day, maybe some sun >> that's a quick look at your weather picture. again, watch it along the beaches from the carolinas all the way through new england as
7:42 am
we head through the weekend and into the beginning of next week. jeff? >> dave, thank you very much. as we talk about that, in "healthwatch" this morning, the danger of rip tides. conditions on beaches up and down the east coast, as dave mentioned, are expected to be dangerous this weekend as a result of hurricane bill. cbs news correspondent priya david is at rockaway beach here in new york city. priya, good morning. >> reporter: jeff, good morning to you. nationwide, more than 100 deaths a year are blamed on rip currents. take a look at the surfers here waiting for the next big wave at rockaway beach. don't be deceived. just because they're out there doesn't mean it's safe. this beach alone, there were six deaths this summer. now all eyes are on hurricane bill as the storm makes its way offshore up the eastern coast and is expected to churn up powerful rip currents. >> it was terrifying. >> reporter: melissa fossberg and her daughter found themselves fighting to stay above water when rip currents threatened to drag them under off the coast of the carolinas. >> the power of these rip currents is that they really sap
7:43 am
your energy. if you're in those kind of waves. i mean, just completely takes all of your energy away. help arrived just in time. melissa was injured but alive. rip currents are the biggest danger for beachgoers. >> i thought i was dead. i really thought it was going to take me under. >> your mind goes blank for the 10, 5 seconds. >> 80% of the saves here at the beaches are due to the fact of the rip currents. >> reporter: rip currents form when water draining away from the shore funnels through breaks in sandbars, creating narrow, fast-moving streams of water which pull people out to sea. if you're caught in a rip current, experts say you should swim parallel to the shore. when you feel the current stop pulling you, swim at an angle away from the current toward the beach. swimming directly against the current will only tire you out. >> the forces of nature are really powerful, and you can't take any of that lightly. so being prepared and really
7:44 am
having a plan, i think, is important. >> reporter: and lifeguards urge you to use your common sense. don't swim in the water unless one of them is on duty, and pay attention to all the posted signs. jeff, back to you. >> some very good advice. cbs' priya david, thank you. up next here, "district 9," a surprise summer hit in theaters now. we'll tell you what the buzz is all about. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by lipitor. talk about a wake up call. i had a heart attack at 57. my doctor told me i should've been... doing more for my high cholesterol. what was i thinking? but now i trust my heart to lipitor. when diet and exercise are not enough, adding lipitor may help. unlike some other cholesterol lowering medications, lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk... of heart attack, stroke, and certain kinds of heart surgeries... if you have several common risk factors... or heart disease.
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all free clear 2x concentrated detergent. all free clear's powerful clean is free of the ingredients you'll find in most detergents: no perfumes... no dyes... no preservatives... free clear is specially designed for people with sensitive skin and has powerful stainlifters, so you can trust it to get the job done right. free clear is the number-one detergent recommended by dermatologists... so, for a pure clean, all free clear is all you need. lums are finding they're welcome at theaters to see this summer's sleeper hit. it's called "district 9." as cbs news science and technology correspondent daniel sieberg tells us, you've probably never seen anything quite like it. >> reporter: while the summer movie season has so far been dominated by transformers and gi joes, it now appears that
7:48 am
alien,taking over the box office. in "district 9," thousands of alien refugees are stranded in the south african city of johannesburg when their spacecraft runs out of power. it's a unique take on a classic sci-fi plot line with clear comparisons to apartheid. but at the end of the day -- >> what the film is about is exploding bodies and ray guns and all the cool stuff you would hope to see in the film. >> but i don't trust it, you know. i don't trust anything with -- >> it has a sense of originality, which i'm really proud about. >> reporter: the film's producer, sci-fi wizard and "lord of the rings" mastermind peter jackson took a modest $30 million budget, hired a first time director, and assembled a cast of unnopes. >> with that peter jackson element, people feel safe knowing they're getting into something good.
7:49 am
>> reporter: while "gi joe"put struggles to make back the more than $170 million it cost to make the film, "district 9" has almost doubled its budget in less than one week of release. jackson can largely thank the army of geeks and internet bloggers who began buzzing about "district 9" a year ago. >> critics got behind it a year early. i don't think it's going to stop until well into the summer. >> reporter: it's not out of this world to think that jackson could again encounter oscar gold. >> he's saying, i kill humans. watch out for me. >> reporter: daniel sieberg, cbs news, new york. >> i want to see it. it's so refreshing, these alien flicks are usually blockbusters. so have a mere $30 million one. >> isn't it amazing when they talk about a modest budget being $30 million? we'll be right back. u weren't always my favorite day. with all the pet hair in the air, i'd spend class preoccupied, bothered by itchy eyes. but now i have new zyrtec® itchy eye drops.
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good nutrition from the start.
7:55 am
. good morning. it's five minutes before 8:00. joy's traffic is after marty first warning doppler radar weather. to call it humid -- he said if you called it humid and not muggy it would be an insult to the weather. it's thick out there. take a look at first warning doppler radar. we have shower activity coming through the mid-alantic. it's a matter of time before we see the shower. we'll see heavy weather later on today and tonight. a high of 90. we're in the low 90s now and joy is here for sharon at wjz traffic control. we have not had much of and
7:56 am
rush hour. baltimore county a minor accident. otherwise, a clean start if you're headed to the beaches early. the beltway i'm finding is the outer loop at harford road. this report is brought to you by can tea. a dozen high school students fall i will on a football field. and emergency crews are trying to see it was just more than heat streak. mary bubala has details. >> reporter: this took place at kent island high school just offer the bay bridge. more than a dozen rarsty football players and coaches were hospitalled with heat stroke, or it looked like that at first. but people are wondering what it really was. they checked the players for the heat stroke. but the high number of illnesses fostered another gear. they were composed to hazardous materials or other chemicals.
7:57 am
the team was on the field less than an hour in sweltering conditions and the professionals say the symptoms were consistent with heat exhaustion. alonso is receiving a $29,000 bonus. the chairman of the baltimore board said it plans to achieve more student success. the groups must be kept secret from adult male detainees. it will cost around 280 medicine. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next, a "youtube" sensation from a young boy. he do
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's big. it's on the move, and it's a threat. don't be fooled by hurricane bill's distance. the storm is ready to create a dangerous weekend along the east coast. we'll bring you the latest. the search for a reality tv star is now a manhunt as police release gruesome details of his model ex-wife's murder. >> brian jenkins is an animal. >> we'll tell you where authorities believe he went. and she met jon gosselin, nell in love, then lost her job and her new man. we'll speak with jon's other kate, the very angry kate major, early this friday morning, august 21st, 2009.
8:01 am
welcome back to "the early show." maggie rodriguez, dave price, jeff glor, and all our friends here. harry and julie are off this morning. we're ready for a bit l boom boom pow on this friday. >> i had that last night. it is so good. >> spicy, right? >> exactly. boom boom pow. >> here with us is the latest youtube sensation, a 13-year-old whose videos are getting hundreds of thousands of hits. >> his name is nicholi white. he records himself lip syncing songs at the apple store right next to us here on fifth avenue. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:02 am
>> yeah. everybody here on the plaza is ready to do their best, but first let's talk to you. you're a genius. >> thank you. >> how did you come up with this idea to go into the apple store, shoot this video, lip sync it, and post it on youtube. >> there was a thought in my head that i should make youtube videos. i noticed they had the web cams in their computers. so i should do youtube videos. i was going to do it for fun before i got famous. i was going to quit. >> before i got famous. >> now that you're famous, you can't stop. >> the shades are aamazing. where did the shades idea come from? >> kanye west. >> kanye west. you didn't ask apple permission. are they okay with it? they are now because they're getting big publicity. >> yeah. >> people's reaction when you're doing this in the middle of the store? >> people when they walk by and stop, people think i'm crazy. i don't really care. >> they want a little boom boom pow. >> what's next now? now that you're famous, what
8:03 am
next? >> i have no idea. >> maybe a lip syncing tour. has anyone approached you to do commercials or anything? >> yeah, like people from los angeles. >> there's a band called milli vanilli. >> except he's out in the open about the fact that he's lip syncing. does fergie know about this? has she talked to you? >> no. >> everybody ready for a the little boom boom pow? take it away, nicholi. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i got that rock and roll ♪ that future flow ♪ i got that spit next level visual ♪ ♪ i like that boom boom pow
8:04 am
♪ they're jogging my style ♪ they try to cover my swagger ♪ i'm so 3008 ♪ you're so 2000 and late ♪ i got that boom boom boom that future boom boom ♪ ♪ got to get that boom boomoom ♪ ♪ got to get that boom boom boom ♪ ♪ boom boom boom >> awesome. >> boom boom pow. well done, nicholi. >> for you, a digital camcorder. continue entertaining us. thank you so much. >> nicholi, thanks, buddy. >> nice to meet you. we are going to head inside right now for -- not some boom boom pow, but russ mitchell with more news. >> thanks a lot, guys. good morning to you at home. they are bracing for floods in bermuda today and rip tides on the east coast this weekend as hurricane bill approaches. bill is a vast category 3 storm with winds near 115 miles per hour. it is expected to stay offshore as it moves north.
8:05 am
a warning from the world health organization this morning. it says the number of h1n1 flu cases will explode in the coming months. the w.h.o. is urging governments to speed up preparations to fight the virus. it says most countries will see flu cases double every three to four days for several months before peaking. if you plan to take advantage of that cash for clunkers plan, you'd better hurry. government rebates to trade in your gas guzzler for a new more fuel efficient vehicle ended monday night. the government is shutting down the program before it runs out of money. there are new developments this morning in the murder of former swimsuit model jasmine fiore. "the early show" national correspondent hattie kauffman is in los angeles with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, russ. ryan jenkins is now the subject of an international manhunt. this former dating show contestant is considered armed and dangerous. police named a suspect in the brutal killing of model jasmine fiore. it's her ex-husband ryan
8:06 am
jenkins. >> ryan jenkins is an animal. what he has done to jasmine is unspeakable. >> reporter: fiore's body was found in this dumpster saturday, strangled and stuffed inside a suitcase. now gruesome new details are emerging about her death. >> the fingers and teeth were removed. >> reporter: police believe jenkins, who lives in los angeles with fiore, fled to his native country canada. he arrived in blaine, washington, and took his boat to point roberts on wednesday, where witnesses say they saw him. then it's believed he crossed the border on foot. jenkins has a history of violence. he received probation for assault in canada. and in june, jenkins was charged with domestic violence for hitting fiore. >> i'm feeling pretty good after our presentation. >> reporter: jenkins, a reality show contestant, reported fiore missing hours after her body was found. he's been on the run since. although he is from canada and believed to be there, his family
8:07 am
also owns property in honduras, and jenkins is a licensed pilot. russ? >> hattie kauffman in los angeles. thank you very much. you could say an alleged thief in connecticut is in a boatload of trouble. police say he made off with a power boat and led them on a high speed chase on wednesday. look at this. ended it when the boat flew off the trailer and crashed into the side of the interstate. luckily, no one was injured. it is now 8:07. dave price is outside with another check of the weather. hello, david. >> hey, russ. was nicholi whitemazing with boom boom boom, huh? how about it? you know what, the youngster's got nothing on me. are you ready? pump it up. ♪ ♪ boom boom boom ♪ boom boom boom ♪ boom boom boom ♪ boom boom boom ♪ boom boom boom ♪
8:08 am
♪ >> hold this. hold this. someone. here we go. hold it. ♪ i like that boom boom pow ♪ they're jogging my style ♪ they try to copy my swagger >> take that on a friday, nicholi. bring it on. let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening all around the country, shall we? let's put up the maps right no first we're going to get serious for a moment and talk about bill. and as we take a look at its path, we're going to talk about what it may do to the northeast corridor. sustained winds now, 115 miles per hour. a category 3 storm moving rapidly at 17 miles per hour. we're talking about high winds, 10 to 15-foot waves. beach erosion, and rip currents. so please be careful. now to the national maps. here we go. late day storms as we look at a
8:09 am
cold front beginning to move on through. thunderstorms possible. i can't do this anymore. i'm out of breath. i'm out of breath. aerobic training very important, folks. watch for some rains which are going to roll through the east coast as a strong cold front moves through. west coast, central plains look good. rockies look good for the weekend. that's a quick look at the . good morning. take a look at the forecast for the day. are you glad you saw that? he's got some moves. a period of sun today, maybe some clouds. i think we got a shower about anytime. heavy thunderstorms likely this afternoon. and high of 90. tonight a low of 72. still can't rule one out tomorrow. latter tomorrow will be better than earlier. sun >> announcer: this weather allergy report sponsored by clir
8:10 am
tin allergy products. live claritin clear. >> a quick look at allergy report. large area extending from the central rockies across the plains in the midwest moderate levels of pollen. very high levels of pollen across the salt lake valley, across wyoming and southern wyoming. the majority is from rag weed aside from moderate levels in parts of the east coast. ragweed issues there. most of the country is experiencing lower pollen levels at this time. this forecast brought to you by for more information on your local pollen forecast, go to thank you so much. maggie, we'll send it back inside to you. boom boom boom. >> boom boom pow, dave. >> oh, boom boom pow. i'm sorry. we have to rehearse a little. >> thanks a lot. coming up next, we'll meet the reporter who covered the jon and kate saga and then became part of the story. we'll talk to kate major about her affair with jon gosselin and everything that it's cost her.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
welcome back to "the early show." she was a star magazine reporter assigned to the "jon & kate plus 8" story. and then after a steamy affair with jon, kate major left her job, and jon left her. kate major is with us today. good morning, kate. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm well. i want you to take us back to a month ago when you go to pennsylvania to interview jon. how does that line get crossed. how do you go from a reporter to interview him to his mistress? >> i had been reporting for a couple of years, but this wasn't my first assignment or first celebrity i had worked on. i went there with the intention of coming back with a story, and unfortunately i fell for jon and came back with jon. >> how did that happen? >> i met him when i was there in pennsylvania reporting.
8:15 am
he invited me to dinner, and one thing led to another. >> did you feel a deep connection with him, or was this a fling? that may be hard to admit, but if you're honest about it, which of the two was true? >> i didn't look at it as a fling. i wouldn't have gotten involved with him if i knew the outcome of the situation, ever. but i did, and jon had promised me and told me a lot of things, or else i wouldn't have put myself in this situation. >> so you're at that dinner. you feel instant chemistry, connection. do you think he felt a deep connection with you as well? >> initially, there was no fl t flirtatious activity going on until later on we went to a house party, and he reached out for my hand. and we ended up kissing later on in the car. i never planned any of it. i was looking at it as going to dinner. when you're covering a story, going to dinner with a celebrity is about as close to the story that you can get. so that was my first intention.
8:16 am
and, you know, he told me a lot of things, but he isn't saying publicly that he's sad, and it's very hurtful because now i have to deal with the repercussions of it alone. >> you have a 12-day affair, during which he makes you a lot of promises. like what? >> before i had resigned from my job, i talked to jon about this. he told me it was impossible for us to be together and for me to be a reporter. i also knew it wasn't fair to "star" magazine, and i was supposed to work for him as his personal assistant as well as be with him and also work on other things that he had coming up. >> so you thought this was going to happen. you resigned from "star" magazine expecting it to turn out that way, and then what happened? does he dump you? >> no. even after he said that he publicly couldn't be with anyone after he toll me that he broke up with hailey, i figured it was for the show. it was for his family. it was for the kids. i didn't think that it would
8:17 am
turn out with him going back to hailey. >> he's back with hailey. we're talking about 22-year-old hailey glassman, who has had a few words of her own about you. let's take a listen. i would like to hear your reaction. >> i know what jon tells me, and i know him. you know, she's cuckoo cuckoo. >> that's got to hurt. >> i feel badly for her that she doesn't know the truth and that jon hasn't told her the truth. if he told her the truth and what he told me and other people, any guy that cheats and says the other woman is cuckoo or crazy, obviously she doesn't know the truth. i have nothing bad to say about her. this isn't about hailey and i. this is about jon and i. >> are you still in love with him? >> no. >> what do you think of him now? >> you know, i don't have a lot of respect for him. i think he handled the situation very poorly. he did not act like an adult or a grown man or a father. you know, it's sad. i think the fame has just gone to his head and he's on some
8:18 am
bachelor romp or whatever you want to call it. but you cannot treat people -- it's not fair to me. it's not fair to hailey. it's not fair to his ex-wife, his kids, or anyone else involved in the situation. >> lastly, i want to ask you if you still have journalistic aspirations and whether you think that could still be a career for you. >> of course. i loved my job. i worked really hard at it when i was in los angeles and i got in new york. i have a degree. i'm not some stupid girl. this wasn't my first assignment. yes, i crossed the line, and i should have known better. now i just have to admit what happened, and, you know, i've been truthful all along, and jon has not, and move on with my life. everything i believe happens for a reason. the worst thing that you can do is sit there and lie. >> kate major, thanks so much for coming in and telling your story. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up next, we'll tell you where the best bathrooms in the country are. someone actually took the time to find out. we'll be right back. (miley cyrus) miley cyrus & max azria
8:19 am
♪ now create your own look with my new line miley cyrus & max azria only at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. a chinese emperor that he declared it a sacred plant. benefits... buddhist monks believed eating soy... was healthier for the body and spirit. and american farmers planted soybeans... to help revive the barren soil of the dust bowl. for thousands of years, people all around the world have eaten soy. [ birds chirping ] and today, we take that same historic bean, mix it with fruit and bake it... into soyjoy. learn more at
8:20 am
8:21 am
somebody did look into it and find what are the best bathrooms in the country. there's a survey that says over 75% of people would not return to a restaurant if the bathrooms are not well kept. >> so true. >> i believe that. >> it's a reflection on the kitchen. >> so with that in mind, let's take a look at the best bathrooms in the country. we're going to start with the venetian hotel in las vegas. >> that's inside a bathroom? >> yes, it is. >> what is that? >> dave is thinking is that a urinal? >> is that a sink? >> no, neither. i think it's decorative, right? >> it looks nice. >> george costanza used to know the best bathrooms. >> up next, radio city music hall right here in new york, new york. this is elaborate, little modern looking. >> i've never been in that
8:22 am
bathroom. >> larger than most condominiums in new york. >> wow, look at that. >> no waiting. >> it looks like the rockets. i know it's the men's room, but it was a whole line. >> we get it. >> it's radio city music hall. >> i'll give you the best line of the morning for that one. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> going to move tog baltimore, maryland, and the plaza hotel there. tremonte hotel in baltimore, maryland. this is nice, right? beautiful, marble. >> that works. >> that's actually inside the bathroom. >> you've got to imagine the rest of the hotel is stunning. >> yes. i would think so. i'd go there. branson, missouri, is the last one. this is the women's room i think we're looking at at the shoji tabuchi theater. >> and andy williams continues to stroll right around there playing all the time. >> as long as a bathroom is clean, it doesn't need to be that elaborate, as far as i'm
8:23 am
concerned, but those are nice. >> there was a bill yards table in the men's room. >> i'm not sure i get that. your turn. i'll pass.
8:24 am
8:25 am
. good morning again. there's a live look at spaghetti junk. and it's joy in for sharon. it's been a nice run. we have one problem. we'll get into it. southbound 295 and 175, that wreck is off to the left lane. stick with southbound 95 if you have a meeting. ricer town it's a nice ride. outer loop harford road, that accidents that cleared out there. have a great, safe weekend. back to you marty and don. let's take a look at the forecast for the day. this is your first warning
8:26 am
doppler radar. we have a chance for a thundershower later on. we'll have periods of sun. but at anytime we could see a passing shower. so be advised. changeable weather to say the least. was it heat stroke or something more? emergency crews are trying to see what sickened a dozen football players at kent island high school yesterday. >> reporter: this all happened at kent island high school just offer the bay bridge in stevensville. more than 12 football players on the varsity team and the coaches were treated for heat related symptoms. they say that it was because they were overcome bit heat. but the high number of illnesses at the same time has the emergency medical teams checking for the possibility they were composed to hazardous materials and other cham calls. but -- chemicals. but they say that the symptoms
8:27 am
was consistent with heat exhaustion. no serious injuries. everyone was treated and released from the hospital. according to the ntsb, witnesses said that the engine and propeller stopped when this aircraft went down this month in keymar killing both people on board. a full report is expected within 30 days. thousands came for the thinking honor ceremony. you can see what won at baltimore the ravens will take on the new york jets next monday night. but not everyone will be on the field. demetrius made it back to the field after an injury. stay with wjz 13, maryland's
8:28 am
new station. up next, a teacher makeover. students are not
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "the early show." what were you saying, dave? >> the duffy that was playing on the commercial break in our ears. >> she plays mercy. >> and we were all dancing around the studio. >> you've got the bug. you want to be a performer now, a lip sync performer. ask and you shall receive. >> pump it up. let's go. come on. get in the groove. >> you have enjoy this one more time real briefly. ♪ >> i'm ready for the weekend. >> it's like a hip movement. >> sort of a robot. >> i'm working through an old football injury, jeff. >> there you go. fair enough. >> we believe that.
8:31 am
coming up, if you're among those who believe that teachers are underappreciated, we are going to do something about that this morning. we have two teachers who get an a-plus for their dedication. they're going to be pampered by our style experts. you'll see the results of our amazing makeup first. >> putting children's lunch in a bag is the easy part. getting them to eat it is the hard part. going to get expert advice on the best meals to prepare. >> lunch may be a tough sell, but fun shapes and crazy colors are a different story when it comes to kids. we'll see the latest, coolest furniture for kids' rooms. >> cool stuff. first, over to our dancing star, mr. dave price with our final check of the weather. >> hey, why did you have to make it ugly like this? >> the crowd was applauding when i said that. >> someone take those mean people out of here. look at this. this is really cool. we talked about furniture for kids. this is some of the inflatable stuff. we'll see more in just a little while. this is a fort. it blows up in about 40 seconds,
8:32 am
and you can go in the fort. it's like an igloo, i guess. it's either an igloo or a fort, which isn't well furnished at this point. we'll hear more about children's furniture coming up in just a little while. in the meantime, let's go to the maps. it looks like we're going to see rough weather all along the coast of the eastern seaboard as we head through the next several days. why? a combination of a cold front rolling through, which is going to bring late day storms, and the fact that right along the coast we're going to see rough surf, high waves, 10 to 15 feet in some locations, as hurricane bill continues to navigate that pathway between bermuda and the eastern seaboard. it could be a rough weekend in some locations. we talk about soggy conditions most of the time through new england and scattered storms through the northeast and big waves from bill. nice and warm, in fact, pleasant if you don't mind the humidity in portions of the southeast. still cool in some of the northern great lakes and upper
8:33 am
midwest. it's going to be pleasant in the pacific northwest after we saw high heat this week. it looks like from the plains out to the west coast, things look good too. that's a q good morning. here's first warning doppler radar. what is going on in the area is passing showers. we can't rule out a passing shower at anytime this day. and we cannot rule out a possible heavy storm this afternoon. a couple thundershowers and showers tonight. a cold front slowly moving through the area. tomorrow 82 and the clouds will block out the sun. but watch for a thunderstorm. sunday, the sun comes out >> that's your latest weather. devin and kaden watching in altoona. maggie, over to you. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by the florida department of citrus. florida orange juice, healthy.
8:34 am
pure and simple. we continue our back to school early series today by giving back to two very deserving teachers who work with autistic and developmentally disabled students. marie mele and tamika edwards are our makeover candidates. we're going to meet them in just a bit. joining us first, our style expert gretta monahan and lancome's "beauty at every age" expert sandy lynn ter. and also marie's daughter erika marcineau and tamika's sister candice edwards. and one gentleman, little 1-year-old demoni, who sees himself on the monitor. >> he's had his finger on all the girls. >> let's start with you, candice. your sister tamika is a new mother herself. she works with autistic kids. tell us about her style. >> when i was younger, i always
8:35 am
used to want to dress like her. all of a sudden, everything was oversized and so out of date. so it's okay. >> what about your mom, marie, erika? >> i love her, but she is not stylish by any question. she really dresses for comfort, and she works with a demanding population of kids. so she's always running around. you know, she wears clunky shoes, sad stretchy pants. i love her, but not stylish or cool. >> i want to hear why you guys think they are deserving of a makeover. let's start with you, candice. >> tamika works really hard in everything she does, and i think she deserves it because she always tries to keep up with the newest fashions, and sometimes it doesn't work, but she tries really hard. >> she just doesn't have time, it sounds like. >> because of the baby. >> what about your mom? >> first off, my mom just turned 50 last week. it is really time for her to have a makeover and take care of
8:36 am
herself and be beautiful. she works so hard. she was on vacation this past week and was taking calls from her students all week long. >> let's take a look at tam ika sxa marie before. after that, we'll bring them out and see how they look now. this is tamika before. just a very simple sense of style. and we're going to do the big reveal. tamika, where are you? you look gorgeous. you look so stylish and gorgeous. look at her sister's reaction. do you recognize her? >> no. she looks so different. >> that is priceless reaction. >> wow. >> let's see marie before right now, if we could. let's take a look at erika's mommary before. she sms happy. let's bring marie out now. let's see what our style experts
8:37 am
did for marie. oh, mied goodness. that is dramatic. you look unbelievable. >> thank you. >> wow. let's start with tamika and ask you, gretta. what did you do with tamika? >> you know i get excited. back to school isn't just about the kids. we have to take care of the teachers here. this is the best. >> i can't get over it. >> tamika, i actually sent her to monique because she's a specialist in straightening hair. one of the things you need to know is she recently lost 30 pounds. part of the reason she was wearing the big clothes was to cover up. the other part is i just needed to be comfortable with the little one. i know everyone can relate to that. we want to keep her comfortable but get her stylized. >> tell us about the makeup. >> i love to play up her eyes. tamika eyes needed a little black liner, little black mascara, and the glow on the cheeks and glow on the lips. >> beautiful. let's move over to marie. gretta, her style is beautiful.
8:38 am
>> marie works as a teacher, but she's in an administration role. she needs a more professionalized look. great style is about great items. you don't need to go head to toe outfits. don't break the bank. one little top like this, sleeveless is comfortable, and a bold neck piece for statements. just like tamika with the prints, the animal prints, you can jab it up with just a couple of pieces. i did a nice classic pants so she can't do dresses and skirts with the middle school kids. she told me they all say something about her style. she had to get brought up to date. >> what's the key for makeup? >> the key is to play up the brow. i thought they were too blond. play up the lip with the neutral colored lips. and a powder foundation. >> marie, are you happy? >> i loved it. it was completely different. >> how do you feel? >> i feel pretty good for an old lady. >> you're not an old lady. what about you, tamika? >> i love it. it's so versatile and fun.
8:39 am
>> back to school has never been this much fun, right? >> i think the kids will be impressed. congratulations. thank you so much. gretta monahan and sandy linter for your contributions. for more on these styles, go to our website, it was an eventful night on "big brother" last night. lydia, who also calls herself the tattooed lady, took on a superhero look and got evicted. lydia spoke with her own julie chen, who also hosts "big brother." >> i'm lydia. the tattooed lady is coming, america. in the hoh competition, i happened to win the casting unitard outfit. >> why don't you just make this experience fun? why do you have to make it difficult? >> you make it difficult. >> how? we need to come to some kind of agreement. >> i'm going to yell all week
8:40 am
until you guys evict me. >> you're evicted. be quiet, okay. >> by a vote of 3-1, lydia, you are evicted from the big brother house. >> you wear this cap and unitard outfit very well. you don't seem bothered by it. are you? >> the only down side to being captain unitard is it makes me sweat a lot. i need a good deodorant. >> i can't tell sitting here. you have to wear it because you lost the competition. were you upset? >> if anyone were to get it in the house, best be lydia because i embraced it. it's comfy. i'm flexible. so running around, having a good time in it, why not? >> is this game what you thought it was going to be? >> no. god, no. >> why? >> well, number one -- >> what did you think? >> i thought, yeah, i'm competitive. i like winning. i'm confident. but did you guys see? i stunk at everything. i was like horrible.
8:41 am
i mean, granted, i won a flat screen, yay. >> you're not leaving empty handed. >> but i'm wearing a unitard. >> lydia, thank you. >> thanks, julie. >> and for more of julie's interview with lydia, you can go to our website, this week we're wrapping up by wrapping up special school lunches. parents know the challenge of creating lunches that kids will actually eat. chef and mom domenica catelli, author of "momalicious" here with some lunch ideas. >> i just want to confess. my daughter is now 14. i've been through this. in kindergarten she was throwing away sandwiches. >> so what works? >> the biggest time-saving tip i love is freezer sandwiches. if you want to spread some
8:42 am
peanut butter on there. i'm going to do jelly. >> this is almond butter. >> that was one of my other things to say is you don't have to use peanut butter. almond butter is fantastic. have you ever had it? >> i've had it, yeah. but not specifically on pbjs. >> you can do the abj, and that gives another flavor for people who don't like peanuts. higher in calcium. you make a bunch on sunday night. you can do almond butter and jelly, turkey and cheese. you can do any of the sandwiches you like. except if you want lettuce and tomato. make a bunch of them and freeze them. freeze a week's worth, freeze a month's worth. you take them out in the morning, they're thawed by lunch. fresh, delicious, it's done. >> kids not eating the same thing every day. we've got more suggestions. >> here we have a twist on turkey and cheese. we have turkey and cheese and sun dried tomato with it. >> very nice. >> a little sun dried tomato paste. you can buy this already made. you can make it really simply. mix a little l mayonnaise with it. it tastes delicious. a lot of kids don't like
8:43 am
tomatoes on their sandwiches because they do get soggy. this is a great solution, a lot of flavor. they still get health benefits from the tomato. it's simple and delicious. >> you can make it like this and maybe add the paste in the morning. >> you can make it th in the freezer sandwiches. it won't be soggy. that's the great thing about it. put it in your sandwich and have these in your freezer all cut up. if you have multiple kids and kids who want different flavors, you don't have to go through being a short order cook in the morning, which none of us want to do. >> they get a little variety. i know you're big on making home sodas. >> yes, absolutely. >> which doesn't have the same amount of sugar as the stuff you buy. >> the ones you buy can have up to ten teaspoons, almost a quarter cup of sugar. >> large amount of sugar. >> and they're bouncing off the walls, and we're wondering why. we're taking a great organic juice and sparkling water. >> this is apricot peach juice. >> use whatever flavors your kids like and add the sparkling water. pour it into their to go reusable container, goes into
8:44 am
the lunch box. >> little mint? >> you do the mint in there. this is if you want a spritzer or morning soda. dual energy boost. >> so mom and dad can have some too. >> absolutely. that can turn into an evening drink as well. >> up next we have soups. always important. as we get a little cooler, we're humid right now. >> hard to think of soup right now, but it is. it's also a great time-saving tip. bringing the thermos back. when i was a kid, i had a thermos in my lunch box. now you buy them separate. you can make a batch for the week. every day you heat it up in the morning and goes in. this is a wonderful high protein creamy tomato soup. it's that classic type of tomato soup kids are used to but much better for them and so simple to make. >> you've got all kinds of thermoses too. you can take the smaller one as well. >> if you're into sports and the boys that are growing, you get the big ones. for the little kids, you have
8:45 am
the smaller sizes that are available. you can put chilis in here, soups. all kinds of different things that you can heat up and bring for the week, which is a great time and money saving tip as well. >> very healthy as well. speaking of healthy, our last one is definitely healthy, if we can get the kids to eat this. we're talking about lettuce wraps. >> this is a twist on doing a sandwich. instead of bread, we're using. you can say, what do you want in here? it's almost like the homemade lunchable. what would you like in there? >> everything. we'll put some carrot ins there. am i putting this in the middle and rolling it around? >> we're putting the lettuce wraps. you can have fun with it. the kids do. you get hummus in there. kind of like a taco. you don't want to roll it, you pick it up, and you're done, that easy. >> kids are happy hopefully. >> and the other thing to mention is getting snacks in that are healthy.
8:46 am
you get a chance, get organic snacks, put them in the lunch box and fill them in that way. >> thank you so much for being here. go on the website, >> up next, kids furniture.
8:47 am
8:48 am
when it comes to furniture for children, designers like to have as much fun as children do. designer brooke stoddard is here to show us creative furniture and accessories. that's why we seem low. we're sitting on little furniture. this is a chaise lounge and toy chest. >> it's by igloo designs. it's one of the companies sold at the show for contemporary furniture showcasing this great kids furniture. we love this company because
8:49 am
they use sustainable materials. the idea is that you can store thing in the chest that i'm sitting on now, or the child can sit and read and perch. >> and multi-generational. something that would last through time. >> i like that. this little guy is adorable, this elephant stool. >> this is a reintroduction. it was originally designed in 1945. >> it is very retro looking. indoors or out. children love animals and things they can interact with and move around in the room. stools are a great option. >> we can't talk about this room without talking about the fabulous walls. let me get up so everyone can appreciate this. this looks painted on. these are decals? >> these are wall stickers by a company called farm living. they're a fantastic way to update a room. it's a fantastic way to add color and fun to a room, especially if you have rental walls. and you don't want to commit to a whole decor.
8:50 am
these are inexpensive. they range from $65 to $120. great update. >> they won't ruin the wall? >> absolutely not. we$÷ put them up ourselves, and you can take them right off. >> if i had to choose a favorite thing, it would be this robot wallpaper. >> if you don't want to do your whole room, as i mentioned, perhaps just a panel or one wall. this is called robots wallpaper. it's $150 a roll. it's by amy wilder, and she's a graphic designer that has an array of fun, colorful prints. we love the robots. >> let's move over here. we have a table that's also a chalkboard. >> this idea of multi-functional pieces for not only a child but perhaps another room in your home. this is a chalkboard table that can be reversed by a company called duck duck. comes in an array of colors, and you can flip the chalkboard over and have a nice green surface and use it in your living room later on. we love these chairs. >> are they made of cork? >> they're made of recycled
8:51 am
cork. they have a little slant. very comfortable, easy to move around. children love the interesting tactile textures of those. another interesting tactile texture is that felt box, great for storage. >> i can see kids destroying this chair. i don't know. poking it and making holes in it. it definitely is nice. >> it's nice too to have more animal motif lighting. these are called coot lights. this notion of decorating the walls, using every surface in the room. the floor covering, the walls. these are floor coverings from dwell studio, for example. and also just really having fun with every area and every surface in a child's room. >> lastly let's get to this little table here. these stools are great. >> this is a wonderful table by a company called blue dog. these stools are originally designed in 1968. they're called the tam tam stools. sort of a late '60s classic. i love them for a kids room, especially with this table, because they tuck in so efficiently. and the tripod base.
8:52 am
you can open the top and store things. little secret hideaway for kids, which they love. >> you did such a beautiful, beautiful job, brooke. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> for more on these items, just go to our website, get all of brooke's tips. now let's head over to jeff. >> all right, mags. thanks very much. as we get to say good-bye this morning here, a reminder we hope you can join us for "the saturday early show" coming up tomorrow morning. i hope to see you on the saturday evening news tomorrow night. that was some good stuff over there, by the way. >> really cute. >> i'm getting ready for the little man due in three months. get some ideas. >> can you just see his whole room looking exactly like that? >> i can see it looking like that, and i can see him destroying it all. >> he will, trust me. >> my room is actually just like that as well. >> your office downstairs is like that. >> i used to have that tree until my 2-year-old destroyed it. yes, you're right. >> coming very soon. >> have a great weekend, everybody. we'll see you monday. your local news is next.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
hello again. it's five minutes before the hour. >> it's so muggy. to say it's humid would be an insult. >> yep, an insult to the current conditions. >> take a look at first warning doppler. we've got shower activities that started to form, trying to begin to press through the neighborhood. that's going to be the case. take a look at the outlook. you can't rule out a thunderstorm this afternoon, tonight or tomorrow morning. one could be heavy and showers could be gusty. 90 degrees the high, already in the very low 80s. a big question hangs in this morning's humidity, heatstroke or something more yesterday. emergency crews are trying to
8:56 am
figure out what sickened high school football players. live on the story. >> reporter: it happened at kent island i hule just just over the bay bridge. it looks like it was for height related symptoms, but officials say the players were overcome by the heat, and others believe it was something else. emergency workers checked them for heatstroke. the high number of illnesses foster another fear. they started checking for the possibility that those sick were expose to hazardous materials or other chemicals. they had been on the field less than an hour. the symptoms, according to medical officials were consistent with heat exhaustion. nobody was seriously hurt. a man is back home after being beaten in south baltimore. police are still questioning
8:57 am
two teenagers along with an ad mid white supremacist. they say he has a long rap sheet and has spent most of the decade behind bars. recovering after a carbon monoxide leak that happened in the case may son building and packaging warehouse. one worker collapsed and 10 workers had to be hospitalized. the leak has been traced back to propane powered forklift. baltimore county schools are debuting a one of a kind educational tool. software designers and teachers teamed up to build a virtual learning center modeled after the virtual arena at johns hopkins applied physics laboratory. the orioles come out swinging against the race in tampa bay after a string of low scoring games. power hitting seemed to be no problem, winning 8-h8-7. they
8:58 am
hit the road. to see the birds and white sox tomorrow at seven.
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